Grandiose Dreaming

Do you take the time to dream about what your optimal life would be? In this busy life few of us actually take the time to dream about what we really want in this life. Remember when you were a child and you would look at the sky and dream unlimited dreams?

Dreaming is so important to our lives, how else will we be able to envision what our lives could be?


In the One Year Success Plan by Jim Rohn, there is a wonderful section at the 6th week about dreaming grandiose dreams. Take some time to just dream! From those dreams you will be able to come up with goals to create the best life you can!

Make sure to free write your dreams, then you can go through them and place them in order of importance. Once that is done, then you can make a vision board! Vision boards are amazing tools to help you visualize concretely your dreams and aspirations! Dream big, dream grandiosely!!! This is your life! Make the most of it you can by dreaming!!!!

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