Stopping Mass Shootings

Hello all my lovelies! I have a proposal for you all. In light of the most recent school shooting, I have advocated banning assault rifles. I have received a ton of negative feedback from this advocation. So, after reading a post by my lovely friend Shasta Stewart, I have decided to propose this: Each and every adult should befriend a child that is an outcast, lonely, or socially isolated. This is a big commitment, but it is of prime importance that we start in our local community. Research shows that a child does better when they have an adult they can depend on. This need not be a parent, family member, or teacher. So, do you think that you have the time and love necessary to befriend and love a child that has been left behind in your community? Love and understanding is the way to solve these problems that our society unfortunately has. Be the change you want to see in the world. Be the love, be the one who understands. Be the LOVE! teendistress

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