Character Strength Builders Part 1

Hello lovelies! I recently took a training class on building character strengths. This is an especially important skill set for those of us who are feeling lost or need a boost to their self confidence. Recognizing our own strengths is an important first step in formulating any goals, experiences or personal development that we use to enhance our lives.

The following is a 6 part series of  the list of the 24 Character Strengths and ways to build them from ViaPro’s Character Strengths Profile. This is an inexpensive profile online that can be done in about 30 minutes, but gives a ton of insight on your personal strengths. I sincerely hope that you get some use from this.

  1. Honesty: Recognize the degree to which the individual alters or modifies one’s own opinions, feelings and behavior based on what they think other people’s expectations are. Work to develop relationships in which they can be authentic. Vulnerable Honesty Ted Talk
  2. Zest: Building zest involves increasing energy. While being mindful of what is manageable per one’s physical health status, find ways to increase daily movement, exercise, or activities to engage in. Wearing a pedometer is one way to measure activity and self-motivate towards increases in activity level. The first step is to get a baseline of the average amount of steps taken daily and then slowly work on incremental increases each week.
  3. Love: Lovingkindness meditation is an effective way to experience and boost the strength of love. This form of meditation provides a way to consciously tap into one’s inner resources of love through imagery and affirmative statements of one’s capacity for love and of the power and beneficial effects of love in the world. There are books, CDs and online videos that can lead an individual through this meditative practice. Lovingkindness meditation
  4. Kindness: Some research notes there are benefits of practicing several random acts of kindness all in one day. Look for opportunities to conduct random acts of kindness and consider how you might set a plan to mix up the variety of kind acts committed each week. 38 Random Acts of Kindness

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