Character Strength Builders Part 2

Here is the second installment of Character Strength Builders! I hope you enjoyed yesterdays part 1.

  1. Creativity: Practicing divergent thinking is one of the most important research-based interventions to boost creativity. When facing a problem, brainstorm multiple alternatives rather than one solution to the problem. You could also try the intervention tactic of Problems into projects from Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley. This is done by reframing the problem into a project. Kickstart Your Creativity
  2. Curiosity: Curiosity can be built by consciously paying attention to and tracking things in one’s daily environment that have not been noticed before or things about familiar people that have gone unnoticed. The key is to encourage being ¨actively curious¨, asking lots of questions and making new, mini discoveries. In a more formal way, an individual may take an approach of naming three novel features of any activity they are doing. Ideas on Curiosity
  3. Judgment/Open-mindedness: Seeking and considering other viewpoints is the cornerstone of open-mindedness. When one is having a discussion with a person with an opposing viewpoint, take an approach of asking at least one clarifying question. The approach should be one that involves ¨collecting information¨ rather than ¨evaluating information.¨Are You Open-Minded?
  4. Love of Learning: To build love of learning, it’s important to identify where the highest interests in learning are and then work to discover the preferred ways of learning about that subject; whether self-initiated, by reading, searching the internet, through a class, via hands-on experiences, peer learning groups, or by viewing video clips or documentaries. Pursue the learning of interest, systematically digging deeper into the material. Love of Learning


Okay everyone! Hope this helps you in some way! See you back here tomorrow for more!

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