Character Strength Builders Part 3

Another day, another set of skills for us to think about and possibly improve on! These are some of my favorite skills and I will be utilizing some of these to improve my own strengths!

  1. Perspective: An intervention that has been shown to boost wisdom-related knowledge is to imagine having a conversation with a wise person about a problem. Imagine the full dialog in terms of questions asked, responses given, the nuances of the discussion, and any advice that would be offered.  Perspective is Everything
  2. Bravery: Research is finding that one of the most common ways people can increase their bravery is to focus on the outcome of the courageous act. In other words, focusing on the beneficial outcome of a brave act rather than focusing on fears can increase the likelihood of acting bravely. How to be brave in everyday life 
  3. Perserverance: Reframing setbacks or failures as learning opportunities (or projects) and ideas for growth can boost the strength of perserverance. Setbacks can be viewed as providing useful information so that the individual can overcome obstacles, be less inclined to ¨give up,¨ and persist toward their goal. The Power of Passion and Perserverance
  4. Social Intelligence: Social intelligence can be cultivated through the practice of mindfulness, increasing awareness of the thoughts and feelings of one’s self and others. After one becomes aware of an emotion, the next step is to label it, and if appropriate, express it to another. It may be useful to consider how this has an impact on the social context. Mindfulness meditation


That is all for today! I hope your day is as amazing as you are! See you all back here tomorrow for another installment! Comment and let me know if any of these are helping or if you may have some suggestions. Thanks! Peace and love to all sentient beings!

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