Character Strength Builders Part 4

Hello my lovelies! I hope and pray your week has been excellent! Now we find ourselves on the final work day of this week and I am sharing another installment of Character Strength Builders. I hope you are enjoying this series. There are 2 more parts after this one so you can look forward to those on Monday and Tuesday! After that I will be doing a series on Life-Work Balance. Have a wonderful weekend! TGIF!

  1. Teamwork: In order to become a better team member, it is important to notice and express positive emotions (e.g. gratitude, joy, humor, hope) to other team members. In addition, it is important to take an open-minded and curious stance in understanding others’ points of view as opposed to just advocating for one’s one. Teamwork
  2. Fairness: Imagining the experiences and appreciating the differences of others can boost the strength of fairness. Perspective-taking, cultural awareness and sensitivity training, and role-playing are ways to develop a more ¨other-focused¨ perspective, particularly when facing complex moral decisions.  Animals and Fairness
  3. Leadership: In addition to competently using one’s strengths, leadership requires highly developed organizational skills. This takes planning and goal setting. Consider ideas and opportunities in which the individual can practice taking a leadership role in activities, groups or organizations, even if the task seems minor or trivial. Great Leadership
  4. Forgiveness/Mercy: There are many ways to boost forgiveness. The following is one example of a five step process: Recall the hurt; empathize as best you can – see the situation from the other person’s point of view; consider forgiveness as an act of altruism by recalling the gratitude felt over being forgiven; commit to forgive over the long-run; hold onto forgiveness. Forgiveness is a process that takes time adn needs to be repeated and practiced.  How and Why to Forgive


Wishing you all a very happy and safe weekend! Enjoy! Blessings and Namaste!

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