Character Strength Builders Part 5

Hello my lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of joy and adventure! Here we find ourselves at the beginning of another week and the unlimited possibilities and opportunities that are around every corner and every door! Look inside and trust yourself, listen to that little voice that loves and honors you! Not that voice that lives in your brain telling you negative things. Just tell that voice, thank you for sharing and dismiss it!

Here is the 5th part of the 6 part series on Character Strength Builders. I hope you enjoy and learn a little!

  1. Modesty/Humility: One intervention experts recommend it to look for humility/modesty exemplars among family, friends, philosophical lore, movies, or spiritual readings. Then create a ¨Hall of Humility¨ that is a listing of all these findings and discuss how these learnings might be applied into daily life, Inspiring Humility Quotes
  2. Prudence: Practice conducting cost-benefit analysis of problems. Write out the costs and benefits of taking a particular action and the costs and benefits of not doing that action (resulting in four quadrants). Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads
  3. Self-Regulation: Research has found that the best way to build this character strength is to exercise some area of discipline on a regular basis. Self-monitoring is one pathway. Consider a behavior one wishes to change (e.g. eating more healthy, exercising more, managing finances better) and begin to track it with honest detail (e.g. keeping a food diary or an exercise log). Continue to closely monitor the behavior while slowly making changes. Dr. Shanker on Self-Regulation
  4. Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence: Research has shown that keeping a beauty log can enhance an individual’s engagement with beauty around them. The key is raising one’s consciousness. When something beautiful is seen or felt, whether it is from nature, is human-made (e.g. artwork, poetry), or is the virtuous behavior of others (e.g. moral beauty), writing down thoughts and feelings in a log or journal can increase awareness and deepen experiences. Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence


Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week is magical, fun and productive! See you back here tomorrow for the last installment of this series. More series coming soon! And, thank you so much for taking the time to read these pieces, it warms my heart! Blessings and Namaste!

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