Character Strength Builders Part 6

Here is the last post on Character Strength Builders, I hope you have enjoyed this series. Another new series will be coming weekly! So here we go!

  1. Gratitude: Counting one’s blessings is one of the most widely researched interventions to boost gratitude. It involves reflecting on one’s day and tracking the good things that happened throughout the day. Often the approach is to write down three of these good things that occurred, why one is grateful for them, and what role one played in the experience. Gratitude
  2. Hope: One research-based strategy that has been shown to boost hope is the ¨best possible self¨exercise. Take a moment to imagine a future in which one is bringing one’s best self forward and everything is happening as one wishes. This should be visualized in a way that is pleasing and realistic. Then, consider the character strengths needed in order to make that image a reality. Finding hope in hopelessness
  3. Humor: Some research has found that keeping track of the humorous and funny things that happen each day is a way to boost this strength. Writing down three funny things that occurred throughout the course of the day can build awareness and increase the use of humor. 10 Funniest Ted Talks
  4. Spirituality/Religiousness: Consider who might be a ¨wise, spiritual role model.¨ Researchers describe this as taking an approach of ¨observational spiritual learning.¨ The model could be someone from a book or movie, someone in the public eye, or a person in one’s life. Reflect on how this person has conducted their life in a way that is spiritually-driven and meaning-filled. How to find a Spiritual Connection


I hope your day is as amazing as you are! Remember to have compassion and love not just for others but also for yourself. For if your cup is not filled up daily, you will not be able to give back to others or the world. Blessings and Namaste! Emberlea

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