The Nobel Questions

Sorry to say I have been away due to an illness, but am finally feeling better. Today I want to discuss a concept I learned about a few months ago, The Nobel Questions. I came across this concept after doing a search on how to raise the positive vibrations in our body to help heal the body and the soul and to feel better. I hope these questions help you to raise your vibration and to live your best life possible! With love I give these questions to you!

The Nobel Questions

  1. I wonder what miracles the Universe is going to bring me today?
  2. In what ways can I bring more joy into someones life?
  3. What step can I take right now that will open me to even greater abundance?
  4. How can I feel better than I do now?
  5. What new friend am I going to meet today?
  6. In what ways can I make today even better than yesterday?

I like to ask myself these questions in the morning as I get ready for my day. Alternatively, you could ask them before you go to bed by just tweaking the words a bit. Please know that you are loved and needed in this world. Smile, laugh and dance when ever and where ever you are!


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