The Nobel Questions

Sorry to say I have been away due to an illness, but am finally feeling better. Today I want to discuss a concept I learned about a few months ago, The Nobel Questions. I came across this concept after doing a search on how to raise the positive vibrations in our body to help heal… Continue reading The Nobel Questions


Hello all my darlings! So sorry I have been away from the site, but I have been very ill for the last few weeks. I was suffering with the flu, brought on by the crazy weather here in Oslo at the beginning of spring. This illness has happened to me each spring that I have… Continue reading Sickness

Cruciferous Veg and Breast Cancer Survival

Breast Cancer Survival & Veggies Dr. Michael Gregor has many, many great videos and articles on breast cancer, so please check this video out as it is amazing how adding broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc to your diet once a day can have a dramatic change in survival rates.

Amazing Stretch for Breast Cancer Patients

via Breast Cancer Yoga Therapy for Stretching the Area of the Incision This site is amazing for those of us suffering from breast cancer, no matter the stage that we are in. And it is also helpful for all who want to prevent breast cancer, men and women. Remember, that about 1% of men get… Continue reading Amazing Stretch for Breast Cancer Patients

Why Doctor’s Recommend A Vegan Diet For Metastatic Breast Cancer Prevention

Amazing research on vegan diets and metastatic cancer.

Breast Cancer Authority

Why Doctor’s Recommend A Vegan Diet For Metastatic Breast Cancer PreventionIn designing an antibiotic, you couldn’t create a drug that destroyed DNA, for example, because that’s something that both humans and bacteria share in common. It would kill bacteria, all right, but it might kill us, too. Instead, many antibiotics work by attacking bacterial cell walls, which is something bacteria have that we don’t.

Antifungals can attack the unique cell walls of fungus. Pesticides can work by attacking the special exoskeleton of insects. But fighting cancer is harder, because cancer cells are our own cells. So fighting cancer comes down to trying to find and exploit differences between cancer cells and normal cells.

Forty years ago, a landmark paper was published showing for the first time that many human cancers have what’s called absolute methionine dependency, meaning that if you grow normal cells in a Petri dish without given them the amino acid methionine, then normal cells thrive; but without…

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Hello my lovelies! Sorry I have not been posting, I was on vacation to lovely Ireland for Easter vacation. I was too busy enjoying the lovely city of Dublin and surrounding county to write!

The Emotional Warning Scale

The Emotional Warning Scale is a system of emotions that vary from 1-22 that divides up emotions from the positive emotions which raise your vibration and your frequency and the negative emotions that lower your vibration and your frequency. This system is from Esther Hicks in her book Ask & It is Given. This system… Continue reading The Emotional Warning Scale

Character Strength Builders Part 6

Here is the last post on Character Strength Builders, I hope you have enjoyed this series. Another new series will be coming weekly! So here we go! Gratitude: Counting one's blessings is one of the most widely researched interventions to boost gratitude. It involves reflecting on one's day and tracking the good things that happened… Continue reading Character Strength Builders Part 6

Character Strength Builders Part 5

Hello my lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of joy and adventure! Here we find ourselves at the beginning of another week and the unlimited possibilities and opportunities that are around every corner and every door! Look inside and trust yourself, listen to that little voice that loves and honors you! Not… Continue reading Character Strength Builders Part 5

Life/Work Balance

Life/Work Balance   Live Facebook video that I recorded today. Had some unfortunate problems with YouTube live stream so I need to tweak that a bit before next week. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think in the comments! Blessings & Namaste!