Daily Love

Affirmation:  I am loved and loving.

Realizing that you are loved (especially by you) is an important step in being loving. Show yourself compassion and love to be able to show others compassion and love. The road to true love is compassion and understanding! Know that I love you! Now you love you and watch the world love you too!

Affirmation: I am a positive being, aware of my potential.

This affirmation is really resonating with me today as the post I wrote today is all about awareness of our emotional state and how this can transform our lives. Awareness is the ability to see ourselves as we really are. This enables us to transform those things about us we do not like, and enhance those we do. As for potential, we are finding out day after day that our potential is limitless. Adopting this mindset will set you free!


Affirmation: I am compassionate with myself and others.

Showing compassion to yourself is an important step in appreciating yourself and in developing and maintaining self love. Make sure to love and appreciate yourself each and every day!